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Storage Buildings of Birmingham


Detached Garage



The Detached Garage is one of our leading sellers in Birmingham and the north/central Alabama area; who doesn't need more room for their stuff? A detached garage is a stand alone structure not attached to your home. Garages can as small as 12' X 20' or as large as 36' X 36' or even larger, with second floor storage. Garages are typically built on a monolithic slab but other foundation options are available.


There is an almost infinite amount of options as to style, siding, size, fixtures and uses for your garage. Customers often wish to match their house as to color, siding and style. This we can usually do, contingent on availability of materials, fading of the house paint and other factors. The inside can be left unfinished, or completely finished out with plumbing, electrical, even bathrooms.  Or you can chose something between the two.


Detached garage vs. attached garage.

It's a building dilemma that any homeowner thinking about adding a new garage has to consider. There are benefits and drawbacks to both designs, so the real question you need to ask yourself is which design is going to be best for your particular needs. Why should I build a detached garage?


Shape of Your Lot

Believe it or not, the shape of the lot you're planning to build on may help make your decision an easy one. A narrow lot that stretches far back towards an alley is a natural fit for a detached garage.


What Are You Going To Use Your Detached Garage For?

Beyond the practical considerations of your property, also you should consider what you plan to use your garage for.  If you're wanting to set up that wood or auto shop you've always wanted, then a detached garage can offer more space and privacy than a garage attached directly to the house. Also, remember that attached garages can present safety hazards if you store fuel, paints, stains or other materials that put off harmful fumes. Storing them in a detached garage means you won't have to worry about those chemicals leaking into your home.

What Will Fit Your Home Best?

Another thing to consider when deciding between a detached or an attached model is the style, age, and condition of your current home (and those in your neighborhood). Attached models are relatively new in the world of homebuilding. If you've got an older or historical home, an attached garage is going to look forced and out of place. The awkward look may draw ire from your neighbors as well if you live in an area where older homes are the norm. In such cases it's almost always wiser to build a detached garage instead. The presence of alleys and other access points in older neighborhoods also makes a detached garage a good choice in these areas. 


Detached garages offer a lot more design options over an attached garage. Here are some of the benefits to consider.

A detached garage can more easily reduce or even eliminate the garage-dominated facade that many find so unattractive.

A detached garage can be set at an angle to the house, or set back from the house.

With no garage attached to the house, think of what you could do with that space instead. A patio or kitchen garden might be more appreciated here.

If you have a small house, adding an attached house can overwhelm it. A detached garage can be a much more aesthetically pleasing option.

It can be easier to add living space above a detached garage than an attached garage.


Are you ready for your new detached garage? Give us a call at (205)-821-7056 today or request a quote online and let us give you a free estimate. We serve all of Birmingham and north Alabama including Tuscaloosa, Jasper and the over the mountain area.


What if you rent?

What if you rent or lease and want a detached garage? That need not be a problem. While if you build a permanent structure on your landlord's property it becomes his, we can build you a portable garage, up to 12' wide. That way when you move you simply move your garage.

Customer is responsible for compliance with all permits, zoning requirements and covenants.